Dave’s Music

Suburban Boy [b/w Donna] single

The original Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs’ The Victoria Tapes recorded at the Victoria Hotel, June 1977. The band was Dave Warner (vocals, keyboards), Johnny Leopard (guitar), John Dennison (keyboards), Haydn Pickersgill (bass), Stuart Davies-Slate (drums).

Summer ’78 [b/w Australian Heat] single

Suburban Boy [b/w Clarke’s Bolero] single

Mug’s Game album, cassette and CD

Free Kicks album and cassette

Nothing to Lose [b/w African Summer] single

The East Fremantle Team Song [b/w Instrumental]

Free Kicks [b/w Kangaroo Hop] single

Correct Weight album and cassette


This is My Planet album

Kookaburra Girl [b/w Little Miss Dynamite] single

Half-Time at the Football [b/w Lonely Barroom Crawler] 12″ single

Warner in the Wild [VIDEO] Tour of outback WA, shot on 16mm film. Features only recorded version of Zip’n’Blast

Meanwhile in the Suburbs [mini-album] vinyl and cassette

The Dark Side of the Scrum album and cassette

Key to the City [b/w They Can’t Take This Night Away] cassingle

Suburban Sprawl [compilation] album, cassette and CD

Suburban Sprawl: The Video
Compilation of videos of Suburban Boy, Nothing to Lose, Joey Black, Wimbledon, Meanwhile in the Suburbs, Kookaburra Girl, Free Kicks.

Surplus & Dearth CD

Loose Men, Tight Shorts cassette [as The Scoring Flank]


This is Your Planet CD [re-release of This Is My Planet]

East Fremantle is Football [Centenary Song] cassette

Swans Songs Six-track CD

Bulldogs Howl Five-track CD

Saints on the March Five-track CD

Live at the Raffles Hotel 1986 and 1991 [VIDEO]
Features the only recorded version of Rivers of the World

Suburbs In The 70s Live Double CD

Live At The Civic Hotel [DVD]
Shot during the 2004 Boxing Day gig, the DVD also features footage from the Warner In The Wild film and the 1986 and 1989 Raffles Hotel gigs, along with the original film clips of Suburban Boy, Free Kicks, Kookaburra Girl and Meanwhile In The Suburbs.

You can buy most of my CDs and DVDs at my official website


16 responses to “Dave’s Music

  1. just got a copy of live at the Civic and played it full bore and woke up half of Palmyra, great memories of the old gigs at Leopold and Raffs. Hope the band kicks on even without that legend Leopard.

    • Didn’t realise till now people could leave comments here. Hope you made the gig at The Charles Hotel. I’ve just done DVDs of Live at the Raffles 1986 and Live at the Raffles 1989 – entire shows on each about 2 hours worth, also made a DVD of the Warner in the Wild film about our tour to the NW in 1980. They aren’t brilliant quality but are only $15 each – I don’t think they are up on the website yet but if you were interested you could send a money order or cheque to Anthem Pty PO Box 580 Balgowlah 2093. Just let me know which DVDs you might want and I’ll forward them.

      • You took my friends money for Mugs Game but didn’t send it to him. And when I email you at the assress on your website, (dave@davewarner.com.au) it bounces back saying no such address. I’d buy stuff from you – but only on a COD basuis

      • Alan could you let me know which order this was? I don’t why I haven’t sent a CD but will immediately check and rectify and apologies for inconvenience – the website email is terribly unreliable and I asked my webmaster to replace it with a different one but still seem to be getting emails on the old one and not on the new one. I will send you this message again from my personal email so you or your friend can contact me direct. DW

  2. Dave,

    Long time fan(vinyl ),notoriously slow “typer” & uptaker of modern correspondence. Lately, (the last 11 or 7 years,or maybe more ) I’ve been haunted by “Nothing to Lose”.Often mis-sung, as my kids will attest,”John cocked his hat & tipped his gun”. Know it’s on youtube..But would love hard-copy

    • Firstly thanks for the compliment. No vinyl copies I know of. I think the only current hard copy on CD was on the Suburban Sprawl compilation which is no longer available but if you are really keen I could burn you a copy of that CD and send it to you for cost – say $12. You’ll need to send a money order or cheque to Anthem Pty PO Box 580 Balgowlah 2093 with a return physical address and a copy of this communication so I know what I’m sending you. Hope 2013 is a good one

  3. Hi Dave. Have loved yer work for decades and am delighted that a lot of it is finally becoming available on CD. I’m particularly keen to get “Suburbs In The 70’s” but it appears to be out of stock on your website. Does that mean that it will no longer be available? Can someone perhaps email me if you’re getting any more please? Many thanks. Regards Brett from Balga 🙂

    • Hi Brett, don’t recall if I replied to you as I have had a number of similar requests in recent times that came via my website email. Unfortunately the cost of doing 500 copies (minimum) is a bit much for me at the moment (still have many Mugs Game and Free Kicks to sell) however I am happy to burn you copies from my own stash and send them to you for costs. If you are still interested (and I haven’t already done so) you could send me your physical address with a copy of this or a reminder at least and a cheque or money order for $16.00 Address is Anthem Pty PO Box 580 Balgowlah 2093. Alternately if you don’t have a copy of the Mugs Game double CD I can recommend it as it has the orignal recordings plus a whole host of demos from 1975-77 that includes many of those tracks. You can order from the website using cheque or credit card – website http://www.davewarner.com.au

  4. Hey Dave. Nah, ya didn’t reply, but that’s OK – you’re a famously busy man! Yes, I’ve already ordered (and received) both Mug’s Game and Free Kicks (fabulous!), as well as one of the live DVDs (the original videos included as a bonus were a nice touch). The cheque is on the way! Many, many thanks for being so hands-on.

    Regards Brett.

  5. Hello Dave

    I wish I was old enough to see you when you played at The Shents back in the late 70’s, one of my friends who did happen to see you live reckons it was the best pub concert he has ever seen. You must have made a great impression as he doesn’t get impressed too easily.
    My main question is do you still happen to have any copies of the 2 CD “Suburbs in the 70’s” still available, I am more than happy to send money if you still one?
    Kind Regards
    Lee from Shenton Park

    • Thanks Lee, and I thank your mate too for his compliments – actually if may say so I do think we were hot. On our good nights – and they were always good at the Shents we were I think in the elite level of performance with the likes of the Oils, Chisel and Skyhooks. As to your request for the double cd, while they are out of stock at the moment I could burn you copies from my own and send them on to you for $20. Please send me a note to ANTHEM PTY LTD PO BOX 580 BALGOWLAH 2093 with a cheque or money order for $20 to Anthem Pty. Make sure you let me know it is for the double CD Suburbs in the 70s with your physical address. All the best dave w – suburban messiah

  6. Hey Dave. I came here to confess that I want Kangaroo Hop in digital. Bad. I intended to confess that I am going to rip my vinyl so that I can sit on my deck and look at my pear tree and punch the button on the remote and play Kangaroo Hop as many times as I desire without having to run in and lift the stylus – and hope I get the start of the track first go (especially when I’m several Pinot Gris in; yep, the ’80s are gone and I don’t just drink beer anymore). I hoped you wouldn’t be unhappy about it. But then I got here and saw your post saying the punters could buy most of your albums on CD. A brief reconnoiter of the list of available pieces revealed that Free Kicks may be acquired for the impressively low price of 20 big ones. So Dave, I’m declaring my own absolution in advance of the anticipated judgment – I bought the digital disk and am happy happy happy. x.

  7. Dave, this is an old blog, but if you are still on it…when are you next doing a gig in Sydney, I haven’t seen you since 1978 or 1979 ? Cheers robj

    • Hey Rob, not sure if you got a reply to this – I did reply but can’t find a record of it and maybe it disappeared into the e-space anyway hope to do a Sydney gig later this year best to check my dave warner Facebook page or the website http://www.davewarner.com.au for updates. I’ll put you on the mailing list – thanks for taking an interest and look forward to catching up at a gig Very best DW

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