About Dave Warner

Hailing from Perth in Western Australia, Dave Warner formed Australia’s first punk band Pus back in the early 1970s. By the time The Sex Pistols had formed, Warner had already moved on to a new phase of music and social commentary which he dubbed Suburban Rock. His band Dave Warner’s From The Suburbs was a major Australian pub band playing with the likes of Men At Work, Midnight Oil, INXS, Dragon and Skyhooks. His albums were highly original and successful, tapping into the psyche of the ordinary Aussie boy and girl. By the mid-80s, tired of touring Warner began writing in other forms. In 1997 his debut novel City of Light, a sweeping crime saga, won the Premier’s West Australian Literary Award. He continues to write novels and non-fiction books.


17 responses to “About Dave Warner

  1. via Susan Albert Chicago

    Hi Dave and Nicole! Susan Albert’s daughter here! My husband and I are a few days away from leaving Chicago to go down under. She wanted me to get in touch and see if you were up for a hello. We will be in Sydney Dec 20-24 staying at my sister’s. Email me if you want a coffee and hello.

  2. Dave we’re waiting to se the Monster in the Melbourne Suburbs

  3. I met you at a Star Ball in Sydney hosted by Scott, you kindly gave me some signed copies of your books. I hope all is well. When is the lizard making a comeback?

    • Hi Brian, the publishers didn’t seem to think Lizard made a big enough footprint to justify more novels. I tried very hard last year to get a TV series up and thought it looked really good but no luck so far. Once again though, thanks for the interest. If you haven’t read Big Bad Blood or Exxxpresso, other novels of mine, I reckon you might like them. You can purchase them via my website http://www.davewarner.com.au for under $10

      • Brian Hallinan

        Thanks. I’ve got all the books anyway – enjoyed all of them. I think the Lizard things could make a really good series – maybe with Netflix now the landscape has changed a little? I’ve told Scott many times that he would have been better off doing a movie based on one of your books rather than the story that he wrote. All the best.

      • Thanks Brian – yes I really think Lizard would be a fun series, perhaps the US is the right market. I hope you enjoy the new one Cheers DW

  4. andre fritze here with a strong recomendation for Exxxpresso – just the way the ‘cloven hoof’ was slipped in there still makes me laugh, & the story! ha – I’m giving it four stars as margret & david would say…. & $10 signed by the author-value!
    also another good write up for ‘fushia’ in mojo magazine mick jagger & keith richards on the cover – good one tony!

  5. Hey Dave are you planning to come to Adelaide to play anytime? It would be great to see you…. old fan from Stage Door (Seaton) days

  6. Hi Dave,
    That would be great. Plenty of good small venues here in Adelaide…. Semaphore Workers Club (ideal), The Wheatseaf Hotel (a tad yuppy), Gov (a bit bigger) and others.

  7. Hey Dave

    We went to the King and Me during the Fringe- good stuff. Keep up the writing and performing- we need the independent voice in this world of massed up pulp.

    You ‘threatened’ to revisit Perth with the Suburbs in May- any better indication of dates and venues?

    One small request:

    Being of similar age, one of the great memories of the 70’s was going to see you in full flight, railing and regaling in equal measure against injustice and stupidity. Now whilst I agree in middle age we can be and may need to be more sedate, I think there are just as important issues for those middle aged puffed up, partisan protagonists (middle age/class wealth has something going for it) still trapped in the suburbs to give us the shits. We need that voice and it needs to have more than a dose of indignancy about it.

    Don’t be nice. Remember the power of the past. Play angry mate!

    Look forward to your shows.


    • Kevin just got off the phone confirming my original Suburbs keyboard player john dennison will be coming to Perth for the gig Sat May 30 at the Charles. Will also be performing a bracket of Pus songs – Dick Haynes has kindly consented to fill in for Captain Pimple who was last heard of in the Philippines. Will try and muster some indignation as befitting a messiah. It is going to big a big celebration of the history of Suburban Rock.

  8. Was at the Django bar gig last night – thanks for great time and the revived memories. Hope to see you again next time in the ‘big smoke of sydney’.

  9. Cheers Dave

    I am looking forward to having my monster back. Will fly back early from a Trip to Melbourne for the Charles’ Show. See you there.


  10. Dave
    Outstanding set at the Charles last night. The band (s) were tight, your delivery a wonderful mix of the old and new and the memories flooded back. We took old followers and introduced other friends to your stuff. Both were impressed.
    I noticed the film crew- is there an intent to produce?
    Congratulations to all concerned.


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