As Tony, Greg, Martin,Lloyd and myself gear up for a Melbourne weekend with a little high-end rehearsal (Old Stock Rd is not easy thirty years on, believe me) this is a reminder for any NSW suburban soldiers to catch my Thursday gig at the Django bar in Marrickville. Tix are $25 if you pre-book via Camelot Lounge website.  I didn’t play Sydney last year and this may be my only show this year. It will be an intimate affair with acoustic style versions of the songs plus some of my epic poems like Australia 2, some readings from my books and humour.  Lloyd Gyi is going to sit in with his snare to give Bill Beare, Tony Durant and me something to strum to.  We’ll start close to 8 and do to two full sets. There are plenty of great places nearby to grab a cheap eat.  Please come and say hi if you find yourself there.


Tonight marks the last of my shows of THE KING AND ME which has proved to be an outstanding success with the public – every ticket for every performance sold, a testament to the loyalty of Suburban Soldiers and true friends who have formed the base of the audience.  It is also a reflection of the abilities of my co-Kingers: Emily McLean for terrific direction, Caitlin Beresford-Ord my co-star who has knocked out all with her voice and acting, and Sam Musca, a brilliant guitarist.  Martin Cilia rejoins us tonight on another guitar for the final act. It has been a long stint in Perth this time with the Suburbs show, a book launch, a pre-book launch and rehearsals and shows for the King and Me. Next stop is Melbourne FOR SUNDAY MARCH 8 AT THE CARAVAN CLUB. The full Suburbs band will power away from late arvo with the support of PAUL MADIGAN.  This promises to be the most politically incorrect evening for years  so if you are a free-thinking, hard laughing Aussie this is the night for you.

Not sure if and when I will get back to Melbourne so please join us to release your inner convict.


A quick interlude from my constant rehearsals to thank all of you who are supporting me and THE KIND AND ME crew (Caitlin, Sam, Emily and Martin) by purchasing tickets.  Thursday and Friday nights have already sold out so if you are thinking about attending don’t delay.  I would love to see my friends and fans up close and personal.   By the way, the opening night is this Tuesday, not Thursday as it says in the Fringe printed program so you may still be able to score a ticket for the first two nights featuring Martin Cilia joining Sam Musca on guitar.  It’s a hell of a lot of work being an actor and I still have not forgiven Shane McNamara for being unavailable.

Last Friday I was fortunate to do the launch of James Anfuso’s mammoth and wonderful book Rockin’ Australia. The book features photos and stories of some of James’ 10,000 poster collection of Oz Rock. If you are in Perth drop in to Gallery 360 at 309 Hay St Subiaco to see a sample of the amazing posters.

Melbourne soldiers please help us out by attending the gig March 8 at Caravan Club in the late arvo. Peter Foley is a staunch supporter of my music but we need a reasonable crowd to keep playing Melbourne.  And those of you in Sydney, come down to the Django Bar on Thursday march 12 for what is going to be a varied and interesting gig.

48 hours to go!  And then The King takes the stage.



My show for Perth fringe The King and Me draws ever closer.  My co-star Caitlin-Beresford Ord is a gifted actor belting the tunes of myself and Martin Cilia to the wicked guitar of Sam Musca. Martin is going to join us for the first two shows  (Feb 17-18) and the last (Sun Feb22).  I had no idea how huge the Fringe festival is these days. It is absolutely buzzing all over the city and out in the satellite centres too. I’ve already seen some terrific shows: SEX IDIOT and PROMISE AND PROMISCUITY standouts but lots of great stuff including a mind-reading hot-dog and Michael Burke’s little tent show.

Last time I participated was as a writer of BOYS GOTTA BOND back in the 90s. By the way, that was a bloody good show with Brian Megan, Andrew Lewis and John Negroponte, but the festival then was a few little events dotted around with little or no publicity. You will hear us live by the way on Geoff Hutchinson’s ABC show around 10.15 on Friday 13 should you be in WA.

Meanwhile we’re gearing up for our show at the Caravan Club in Melbourne Sun March 8.  This is an early show with a free sausage provided to help get into the spirit of home bred rock.  The band is comprised  of members or former members of Skyhooks, Mental As Anything, Perry Keayes, Fuchsia (Greg Macainsh , Tony Durant, Lloyd Gyi) so please join us, might be the only gig I get to do in the great southern city this year.

If you are a Sydneysider please join us at the Django Bar, Marrickville Mar 12. I’ll be doing one of my shows that incorporates performance poems and live readings.


First mention of my new novel yesterday in the West in a review of Fremantle Press’ short story collection WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE and it was a good one so hope this is indicative of readers’ reaction to the whole novel when published in June.DSC_0417 The draft title for the novel was Waiting for the Cyclone – hence some confusion.


Thank you all who made The Charles Hotel gig such a great success. Bob and Sue Howard and Dave Martin, all the highest rank of Blue Badge Generals led the mass break-out.  They were supported by Tom West and many south-of-the River convicts, plus the Mt Lawley Footy Club boys, John Oliver, and other die-hard soldiers from as far afield as Darwin and Adelaide. The band was superb with Howie Johnstone returning to kick arse on Joey Black and Strange Night. Original Suburb Haydn Pickersgill bobbed and dipped to the sound of Throbbing Knob.  The management and staff were also wonderful.  Next cab off the rank is my two hander musical THE KING AND ME at the Velvet Lounge Beaufort St Mt Lawley, 9.30 to 10.40 FEB 17 to 22. please note the printed fringe festival program has the dates wrong and the time askew, however  it is correct info on the website for bookings.  I’ll be co-starring with Caitlin Beresford-Ord to the guitar of Sam Musca. Martin Cilia may play also on the opening two nights.

Then Sunday March 8 The Suburbs are in Melbourne for the Caravan Club with the same band as Perth except that Greg Macainsh will play bass.  Thursday March 12 it is the Django Bar in Marrickville, Sydney for a more acoustic version although Lloyd Gyi is coming down to add a little snare and Martin Cilia may also join with guitar to complement Bill Beare and Tony Durant.

If you make any of these shows, please come and say hello.


Next Friday Jan 23 The Suburbs play HOTEL CHARLES in North Perth so I hope to see a few of you there to celebrate Australia with  Tony Durant, Lloyd Gyi, Martin Cilia, Phil Bailey and me.  I’ll be jabbering away on ABC 720 Perth next Wednesday morning too.

For all you rock fans there’s a fabulous book coming soon ROCKIN AUSTRALIA.  Lovingly curated and edited by James Anfuso this book documents the art of rock posters and the important role they have played in the lives of fans and musicians.  The three volume set has 2255 poster images of local, national and international  acts.  There are only 666 copies printed and the cost is $349.00  Much better value than a cricket bat signed by an ex cricket captain, this is real history There will also be an exhibition at gallery360 in Subiaco.

And thank you Rob Brumfield, Allan Johansson, Neil Tracey and Mark Deane for supporting the Suburbs with recent purchases.