We Care

What an amazing effort from all concerned with the #We Care concert last night. Take a bow Darren Reid and all the incredible people who volunteered time and services. It would have been wonderful to have had a few thousand more to see the superb venue and talent on display but those there generated a feeling of camaraderie reminiscent of Sydney Olympics in 2000. Personally I would like to thank @Greedy Smith and @Mental As Anything. After Greedy and James Gillard joined us on stage to help out with a Suburbs song or two they treated us all to classic Mentals. What a terrific lineup these days allowing Martin Plaza and Greedy full reign for those unique, original songs. Angry Anderson was brilliant with classic rock, (you’re right Angry We can’t be beaten) Dave Gleason, Dean Denton and The Frames, Eskimo Joe all so strong and generous with their time. The bands on the other stages were fantastic, brazing scorching conditions. I caught a little bit of a band The Renegades with kick arse country later in the evening when the shadows had set in, top set. What most of us didn’t know was that the venue itself was terrific with a nice shaded grass area from early afternoon, bars, ample parking etc. I can see Gloucester Park becoming a premier venue for big bands to play.  Thanks also to #Perth Hyatt for courteous efficient staff and especially to every single person who bought a ticket and came to support the artists. The bottom photo shows @Tony Durant and Greedy after a punt on a phantom match race between Red Vicar and Mount Eden while Phil Bailey complains that his horse was hemmed in by unfair tactics.



Well here it is, final show of THE KING AT ME tonight at Perth Fringe. It has been a wonderful season and a thrill to do the show again with my fab cohorts @Caitlin Beresford-Ord, Emily McLean, Sam Musca, @Martin Cilia, Steve Hemsley.  Also great support from Gary on tech and Sue our Stage Manager.  I would really like to thank all those who have attended or will attend tonight, especially those attending for the second time. For those of you unable to grab a show who might like a taste of what you missed, I’d like to plug my own product the CD of The King and Me.  All songs by Martin and me and some great playing by the likes of Lloyd Gyi, the late Chris Bailey (Angels) Mal Green (Split Enz).   You can get it from my website http://www.davewarner.com.au and my Tictail shop http://davewarner.tictail.com.  By the way the poster seen below by @Steve Panozzo is destined to become a collectible classic.

If you are in Perth and have a free hour from 6pm – head on into Fringe for our last show tonight at The Shambles adjacent to the Library.   (* IMG_1528


bold park car park.JPGWhile the Liberal clique of Manly Council have destroyed forever the beautiful, sensible and economically viable design of their forefathers with the Manly Boy Charlton horror – which looks like a new terminal at Sydney airport, I have been astonishingly impressed by Cambridge Council in WA and what they have done to a similar facility – Bold Park Pool.  The design is a magnificent example of keeping the natural beauty while adding a human exercise facility. Hats off to all involved. The shade shelter is clever but simple, the aesthetic is perfect with a tree in pool forecourt and timber exteriors. The open sides give the new indoor pools a dappled feel like a billabong. The foyer is spacious and doubles as a café and pool shop, the vertical garden feature wall brings the outside feel inside. And of course there is ample car-parking directly out front of the pool. Why couldn’t Manly Council simply have extended the carpark, added another 50 metre pool and done a similar covered pool complex for the littlies classes? Who needs a gym? And the only reason we’d need a wellness centre is to recover from the shock and horror of the building that contains a wellness centre and the trauma of reaching there without being maimed or killed on a busy road.

bold park entrancebp shade shelterbp poolbp additonal indoorbp vertical garden

Before It Breaks – Canberra Times

…a beautifully written

tale that follows the investigation into the

murder of a former German policeman at

a remote waterhole …

convincing characterisations with an

intelligent plot, touches of humour and

some vivid descriptions of Broome and its




My double album Correct Planet – a combination of the 1979 Correct Weight (Joey Black, Wimbledon, Cabaretta, Spooks in the Dark et al) and the 1981 This Is My Planet (Car Park, Kookaburra Girl, Buried in my own Back Yard plus extra tracks) will soon be available in album and individual track format on digital download. For those who prefer a hard copy you can order via Tictail, CD Baby or buy at good shops like Redye (Sydney) and Dada (Perth).

Some damn fine music. Tracks like Million Miles From Home and North of the Equator were planned on the living room floor of the North Hollywood apartment of the late and legendary Kim Fowley who brought us everything from Alley Oop to the Runaways.

Refugee Song and Joey Black are as relevant today as they were 36 years ago. “And your pleas can’t squeeze into conversations by the fire, of the well fed Friday night crew who will argue who should play full back” Refugee Song.

“These streets aren’t safe for violence any more, they stink of lawyer’s dope that’s hidden in the floor” Joey Black .

All proceeds will go to my next album currently in slow progress. Correct_Planet_cover.


Last year’s totally sold-out smash hit  THE KING AND ME returns to Perth for The Fringe in 2016 at THE SHAMBLES – Perth Cultural Centre Jan 26-31 starts 6PM.  Same great cast, same great IMG_1527songs Don’t miss out this time – book early for the best hour you’ll spend all summer!!!  http://www.fringeworld.com.au

CD of songs out now and available http://davewarner.tictail.com  http://kingandmemusical.com/  #fringeworld #suburbanboy #martincilia


THE KING AND ME –   CD now available http://davewarner.tictail.com/

Written by “The Suburban Boy” Dave Warner, The King and Me is a musical comedy which had its debut season at Perth Fringe 2015. The show which contains nine original songs written by Dave and Martin Cilia (Atlantics) was a smash hit, selling out every seat of every performance.

The history of the CD is a tale in itself as it comprises songs recorded from as early as 1992 to as recent as July 2015. When the show was originally written the idea was to use Elvis Presley songs but later Dave decided to use his own material. He had a number of songs in a country-rockabilly style, some already recorded with such fine musicians as the late Chris Bailey (The Angels, Gangajang), Mal Green (Split Enz), Ian Simpson (Slim Dusty) and Martin Cilia (Atlantics, Mental as Anything) and produced by Greg Macainsh (Skyhooks) and Martin. Dave and Martin were able to marry this existing material with a number of new songs written specifically for The King and Me.

The female vocals are supplied by Dave’s wife Nicole Binet who has worked on a number of projects with Dave and Martin. Dave’s regular drummer Lloyd Gyi (Perry Keayes band) played on the 2015 tracks. Backing vocals come from some former doyens of the Perth pub scene, Dick Haynes (Loaded Dice) and Bill Beare (The Fingerprints) along with Dave’s musical associate of forty years, Tony Durant (Fuchsia, Dave Warner’s From the Suburbs).

The cd features a variety of songs from the Elvis-eque   title track to the tongue-twisting Rude Crude Home Brewed Spit Tobacco and Chew Boys and the moving ballad Twinkling of an Eye. The CD represents the songs in full whereas in the stage show some of the songs are edited or sung by different characters.

The King and Me is a feel good musical about artistic persistence in the face of difficulties. In its own way, the CD, spread out over twenty-five years is a living expression of that theme too.kingmecdcover.jpeg